Othman Al-Othman Sons Ltd


Othman REC is a leading independent recruitment consultancy with over 20 years collective consultancy experience. Othman consists of a team of consultants based throughout the GCC with expertise and understanding of the recruiting issues.

We have brought this experience together into a single recruitment division, creating a business that has maintained its client focus within a competitive market place. This includes our honest and personable approach, only delivering the highest caliber of candidate within agreed deadlines.

We use our extensive database and network of professionals combined with web based advertising campaigns.


Othman recruitment has been built on the foundations of traditional business values. We have achieved this by simply committing to quality customer recruitment service at every stage of the recruitment process.

Services and Costs

Job Advertising

We are offering a more comprehensive service where we screen applicants against your agreed criteria and provide a qualified list who meet your requirements. We are also able to conduct comprehensive competency based Interviews on your behalf using the ‘interview and selection.

Aptitude and ability assessment can provide

1. Can this person think on their feet?

2. Can they cope with the mental demands of the job?

3. Could this person be a high flyer?

4. Is this person a problem solver?

5. To what degree can this person respond to training?

Why us?

We offer a complete recruitment service we listen to your needs to understand precisely how best to work in partnership. Carefully screening, interviewing and occupationally testing the candidates according to their skills and experience.

Interview, Selection & Consultancy.

It will simply providing tailored competency-based questions for your interview, to training and, even, conducting interviews on your behalf.

There are several fundamental requirements which need to be addressed when starting the recruitment process: firstly, writing an accurate job specification.
1. Salary survey reports

2. Fact finding discussion

3. Fact finding discussion and job description analysis to create a bespoke 15 mint competency-based questions interview.

1. Job and Candidate specification writing

2. Advert response

3. CV filtering

4. Recruitment administration (arranging interviews / correspondence)

5. Pr-selection, tale-screening and interviewing

Search and Selection

Othman Recruitment have access to several leading job board databases. You provide us with your job description; we will ask further relevant questions to help us locate candidates who match your criteria.

Skills Assessments

Skills assessments play a vital part in enabling a business to understand the skill and knowledge. Key competencies include office skills, numeracy, literacy and IT. Basic skills assessments allow you to take stock of the talent working for you as well as potential employees. We have 150 online aptitude tests that measure hard competence such as MS Office, call center listening and keying, keyboard and secretarial skills as well as literacy.


We can understanding industry specific terminology and business processes. It's important that you can trust that your recruiter always understands what you are saying.


Basically, we demand two types of documents before making a final deal for sending workers overseas. We follow the in-detail government provisions to avoid unnecessary hassles to the workers.


We are continually seeking ways to further develop and improve our service to our clients. we constantly seek new technologies and methods for enhancing our goal to be a market leader in the services we provide.

Sample of Documents

  1. Demand Letter.
  2. Manpower Job Order Request.
  3. Power of Attorney.
  4. Employment Contract.
  5. Guarantee Letter.
  6. Agency Agreement.

Demand Letter

The letter should have details of the number of workers, nature of job with required category, salary, duty hours, food and accommodation facilities, overtime, transport, insurance of workers, Residence permit and other benefits. Demand Letter should be signed by authorized person, bear company seal, and attested from Chamber of Commerce and Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Guarantee Letter

The employing company should not transfer any workers to another country without approval of competent Nepal Government authorities. The Guarantee Letter should be signed by authorized person and bear company seal.

Power of Attorney

Power of Attorney is a legal confirmation, on behalf of employer, for selection of manpower. This authorizes The Agent for sending workers legally. Power of Attorney should be signed by authorized person, bear Company seal and attested from Chamber of Commerce and Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Employment Contract

The employing company provide the employee employment agreement as per demand letter. The employment contract should be signed by authorized person and bear company seal.