Othman Al-Othman Sons Ltd


The company was classified in its beginning in 1983 by the municipality of (C) category, and has practiced the contracting activity with the private sector, and it was marked in this field until its activity extended to the (D) category “constructions” at the central bids committee.

This branch includes many of the civil engineers, supervisors, and experienced workers in the contracting fields, this branch also includes drivers, cars in addition to many of the heavy and light equipment and all the materials required for the contracting works. .

The company had executed many projects for some ministries of the country such as ministry of defense, education, general health, commerce, industries, institutions and departments in the country. Also the private sector, establishing investment communities, and special residence villas, this branch is managed by Mr. Hamid Othman Al-Othman

Construction Branches

In this construction we have branches

  • Factory Branch for turning works
  • Carpentry and decoration branch

Factory Branch for turning works

In 1986, the company has purchased a full factory with all its equipment (and was called Osco Factory for modern turning works), it is an industrial facility and has a license from the public authority for industry, and is affiliated to the company. It has a separate management from, and there are annexed industrial agencies; they are German, Swiss, and French. The factory works on rehabilitating the mechanisms and the consumed machines, as well as on manufacturing some spare parts like washers and Screws in mechanical and manual accurate ways. We also turn all kinds of motors, machines such as Mercedes, caterpillars and other kinds. It also works on formulating metals. There is also a department for renewing the cars machines. The factory also has international agencies specialized turners, and equipment from Japan, some European countries and America, and is managed by Mr. Hamid Othman

Carpentry and Decoration

In 2000 the parent company to open a branch in Shuwaikh industrial area and is licensed as an industrial and craft was named (Al Fahad Al) and managed separately from the parent company and the nature of the work of this section all carpentry and decoration with varnish, this section has a lot of carpentry and decoration in State bodies and institutions.