Othman Al-Othman Sons Ltd


Othman Al-Othman Sons LTD, for General trading and contracting is a limited liability company, based in Kuwait, established by Mr. Hamed Othman – the chairman of the board of directors.

About OSCO

Othman Al-Othman Sons LTD, for General trading and contracting, a limited liability company, based in Kuwait, the capital is 250 thousand Kuwaiti Dinar, under commercial register no. 34762 since 1983 AC.Established by Mr. Hamed Othman – the chairman of the board of directors.Othman Al-Othman Sons . Kuwait, (OSCO/KWT) has a history and tradition of four decades as a Major Trading & Constriction Company in Kuwait founded by Mr. Hamed O Al- Othman the Chairman & CEO of OSCO. We are one of the members of Kuwait’s Trading & Constriction Companies & Agents Association.

OSCO/KWT was established in 1983, with a capital of KD. 250 thousand under commercial register no. 34762. During the Iraqi invasion of 1990, Kuwait was completely devastated, immediately after liberation in 1991; we restarted our operation .Thereafter we made a substantial growth, elevating our capital & today we operate and passionately compete.

Our success has been due to our philosophy of continually looking forward, to analyze and anticipate opportunities available as future economic and industrial scenario unfolds. Our strength lies in our ability to create fresh and often innovative ideas and by using the enormous resource we have to shape and mold these concepts, into practical and cost effective proposals for the project development and multifarious business activities. These are then finally synchronized in a truly professional manner to achieve above all a single goal. To provide outstanding service to the Kuwait market whether be it a government department, one of our international representative companies or an individual customer.

Chairman's Message

“Dear Esteemed Clients, Partners and Associates,
I am delighted to welcome you to Othman Al Othman group , and to provide a brief overview of our Company. Othman Al Othman group was established in State of Kuwait specifically in response to the special and unique demands of the Kuwait market. We have been leaders in the construction industry since 1983. Othman Al Othman group is a Grade 3 licensed contractor by the State of Kuwait in all categories of expertise including Roads, Buildings, Drainage, Water and Maintenance. We commenced construction on several sizable projects in Kuwait and has since become a major provider of design and construction services in The Stat of Kuwait… And we are diversifying our business and our mission is to serve our customers with high quality … “